About me

My name is Radek Grabarek. I write here about stuff that matters to me. Originally from Warsaw, now living and working in beautiful and sunny Barcelona, Spain.

I used to be a tech journalist (I wrote articles and reviews of apps for Windows, Mac, and mobile), then I moved to other side of the barricade, and now I’m making apps as a Mobile Product Manager. I’m not the programmer, but the guy who is responsible for coordinating the whole app making process. I’m taking care of a long list of things that we could do in the app (improvements, new features, bug fixes). Then I have to prioritize them and decide what we are going to develop, why we are going to do that, when we are going to do that and then manage the project on daily basis. More info about my work you can find on my LinkedIn profile.

I used to organize Growth Hacking meetups in Barcelona. Now I’m co-organizing Lean Startup Circle meetups. Topics are broader, and we are able to get really great speakers like Jeff Gothelf, author of the book Lean UX.

I’m passionate about new technologies, startups, entrepreneurship and self-improvement. I read books and listen to podcasts. I like to meet new people, talk to them and learn from their experience. But sometimes I just like to be with myself only, and use this time to read, think and write. I’m ENTJ personality type. My friends are saying (good advice: ask them, if you don’t know what to say about yourself) that I’m ambitious, responsible and smart. Open for change, hungry for growth and focused on the goals that I set for myself.

Each year I try physically challenge myself. Two years ago I started swimming class from the level of complete beginner. Last year I participated in Spartan Race – 5km run and 15 obstacles (I did 95 burpees during that race ;).

Recently I re-discovered my passion to space exploration, so I created a blog about it – „We Need More Space„.

If you have any questions, ask them or just say “Hi!” by sending a message to rgrabarek at gmail.

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