Start before you are ready

I’m a perfectionist by nature. I start with a big vision and many, many, many things on my to-do list. But the advice that many experienced entrepreneurs give is: start before you are ready. Don’t spend days, weeks and months on perfecting something that might not be worth it.

That’s why I’m starting this website before I’m ready. Before I have the perfect design. Before I know how to write perfect posts in English. Before I have perfect About Me page and so on.

Not perfect, but good enough is very often… Quite great. I experienced that during the interview process for my current job. I remember that when I was going to my first interview, I was afraid that I hadn’t prepared myself well enough. “I should have spent with the app more time, I should have researched the market and competitors more, I should have prepared myself better for the motivation questions more, etc.” – I heard those voices in my head. I felt a stress-infused stomach ache. “Why am I doing this to myself?! I have a good job already. Why am I exposing myself to those feelings?!” – I heard this self-talk when I was walking to the office. But the interview with our CEO went fine. It was a nice conversation.

Before the second interview, I had to prepare a short presentation. And yes, I was procrastinating till the very last moment. The whole weekend passed by and I didn’t have anything concrete prepared. I was editing my presentation just 10 min before leaving my flat for the interview. Obviously, the anxiety kicked in and I was blaming myself for yet another failure. But… Guess what? I got the job! Not perfect was good enough. To be clear, five months later I’m still working there.

So I’m starting before I’m really ready. Before I have everything perfectly planned. And as a reminder to myself, I will keep this screenshot of the first version of the website. So if you are thinking about starting something new, you should also stop postponing it forever. Screw it, let’s do it!